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Cake-A-Licious, Custom Wedding Cakes



Okay, so I've been really, really bad at my blog the past few months.  I have had lots of things I've wanted to blog about, but just haven't had the time.  It's heavy wedding-planning season, so I've been super busy talking to lots of new brides I'm excited to work with and have been getting ready for the upcoming bridal season.  Needless to say, my blog has been neglected, so I'm going to try to do better.

I wanted to talk about one of my favorite trends for this year, which is ruffles!

Woodland Inspiration Shoot

I have yet another fantastic photo shoot to share with you all!  I've participated in several photo shoots the last couple months, so I'm excited to share those with you as I get the photos back in.  This shoot was created and coordinated by a couple of truly talented ladies, Amanda with Branches Floral and Mollie with Polka Dots and Daisies.  They did such a fabulous job with the concept and I was truly stunned at the beauty of it all.  The theme was a woodland fall wedding.  I myself love rustic and natural elements, so this shoot was so "my cup of tea.

Fall Inspiration Photo Shoot

Utah Bride Blog Fall Inspiration Photo Shoot
A few weeks ago, I was asked to participate in an amazing photo shoot with some incredibly talented vendors that was conceptualized by the fabulous ladies atUtah Bride Blog.  The inspiration was Rustic Chic and the color palate was rich berry colors, mustard gold, and teal.  Honeybees and hexagon or honeycomb patterns were also part of the inspiration. 
I love getting to do inspiration shoots.  It gives me a chance to really play and be creative, and I usually like to go a little bolder, more unique, or just think outside the box for the cake design.

Featured Wedding: Kaitlyn & Derek

Congratulations Kaitlyn & Derek!
Kaitlyn & Derek held their ceremony and reception at the Marriott in Downtown Salt Lake.  And what a beautiful reception it was.  They have been planning their incredible event for over a year, and it turned out spectacular.  I met with them last fall and have been looking forward to this cake all year!  It turned out just as I'd imagined it.
This cake was so elegant, simple, and regal, all at the same time.

Featured Wedding: Brittney & Cory

Congratulations to Brittney and Cory!
I just loved this cake!  Brittney and Cory were super fun to work with.  I think this may be one of my favorite cakes of the year.  Brittney brought me a picture of a cake she'd seen in a magazine and wanted it to be very similar, just changing a couple things and colors.  This cake was beautiful and elegant, but also very unique.  The blue texture behind the flower vines is a lace pattern done in light blue buttercream.  It gave just a subtle hint of something interesting behind the focal point of the cake, which was the flowers and vines.

Featured Wedding: Lacey & Jeff

Congratulations Lacey & Jeff!
Lacey and Jeff were such a great couple to work with.  They had a very fun and specific theme for their wedding, Baseball!!  Both are huge baseball fans, Lacey's favorite team being the New York Yankees, and Jeff's favorite team being the Atlanta Braves.  They wanted to incorporate their love of the game and their teams into their wedding.  Let me tell you, it was such a cute wedding reception.  They kept the theme throughout so many details but added beautiful flowers and other details so it was fun and whimsical yet elegant as well.

Featured Wedding: Amber & Brandon

Congratulations Amber & Brandon!
Wow, it's been an insanely busy month!  June is the busiest wedding month of the year, and oh boy has it been crazy busy this month for wedding cakes.  I've been so swamped, I've been terrible at the blog lately.  I wish I had time to blog about so many of the awesome cakes we've been able to do the past few weeks, but I don't so I'll just try to do better at getting some posts up as often as possible. 
One of the most unique cakes I've done in the last little while has been this super cute and colorful cake for Amber and Brandon.

Featured Wedding: Kala & Shane

Congratulations to Kala & Shane!
Kala and Shane held their ceremony and reception at Willow Creek Country Club in Sandy.  It's a beautiful place, so peaceful and scenic.  I met with both of them along with Kala's mom last fall to start planning their wedding cake.  They had such fun and bright colors they were using, which were bright pink and orange, and a pretty buttercream yellow.  The cake was a square tiered cake covered in ivory fondant.  The yellow ribbon border was also done in fondant to match the yellow of some of the accents they used throughout the reception.

Featured Wedding: Chelsey & Jake

Congratulations Chelsey & Jake!
Chelsey and Jake held their ceremony and reception at Talon's Cove in Saratoga Springs.  It was my first time delivering a cake out to this lovely venue that overlooks Utah Lake and has stunning views of the mountains and lake.  Wow!  I met with Chelsey and Jake last fall to talk about their wedding cake plans.  Chelsey later brought me in a sketch her florist had come up with that was an original cake design, and I loved it!  Chelsey chose a lovely color combo of ivory and champagne colors.

Featured Wedding: Haylee & Nick

Congratulations to Haylee & Nick!!
I've been looking forward to Haylee & Nick's wedding cake for months!  It was such a unique cake, and I love being able to do something completely different.  Haylee brought me a picture of a cake she'd seen in a magazine, but it was completely different colors.  She also liked a photo of another cake I've done in the past with a pleated look of dress fabric, so we customized the cake and combined both cake designs, changing the colors to fit her color scheme, and added some other personal touches.