Frequently Asked Questions
 Can I schedule a tasting appointment?
Cake tastings are available upon request and are scheduled by appointment only. A consultation fee of $20.00 is required at the time of scheduling. Should you book us for your cake or cupcakes, the consultation fee is applied towards your balance. Please call (801)938-2818 or email us at tasha@cakealicious.net for more information and to schedule an appointment.
Where are you located?
We are located in West Jordan, Utah.  We operate out of our licensed
and inspected home bakery.   We have a  full-functioning bakery
dedicated solely to the purpose of our cake business.  Our bakery is
licensed and inspected by the Utah Department of Food and Agriculture. 
How much cake should I order?
You should order enough cake for the guests you know will be attending your reception.  A good general rule is to expect 75% of your invited guests to attend.  If most of your guests are in-town or close by, that number could be higher.  For example, if you are inviting 150 guests, you should order enough cake for about 110 guests.
I've heard no one eats wedding cake anyway, so why should I order enough for all my guests?
Wedding cake has gotten a bad reputation over the years as being dry, inedible, or tasteless.  Sometimes that's true, but not for our cakes!  If it's delicious, moist, and decadent cake, it WILL be eaten!  We've heard back from several brides and grooms where the cake was completely eaten, right down to the last crumb.  Another important thing to take into consideration is when you cut the cake at the reception.  If you wait until the very end of the reception to cut the cake, you most likely will have a lot of guests who have left already, and then you might end up with more cake than you needed.  However, if you cut the cake about halfway through the reception or right after dinner and serve it for dessert, then you will probably find most of your guests will be eager for a piece of delicious cake. 
I just want to have a small cake for cutting and then serve sheet cakes.  Can you do this?
Yes!  While we don't offer a traditional "sheet cake," we do have options for saving you money and getting the amount of servings you need.  Ask us about our kitchen cakes. 
What does fondant taste like?
Most people think of fondant as having an unpleasant taste, and a lot of times that is true.  Most commercially made fondant is not the best tasting thing on the planet.  That's why we make our own delicious butter-vanilla and chocolate fondant. 
I don't want fondant on my wedding cake.  Do you do buttercream cakes?
Yes!  Keep in mind that there are some designs that must be done in fondant.  However, if you have a cake design you want that can be done in buttercream and prefer buttercream over fondant, we can certainly do that!  A note about buttercream for outdoor events in the hot summer months (late June-early September) is that buttercream can become too soft if left out in the heat.  Because of this, we do not recommend buttercream cakes for outdoor receptions during the summer. 
When should I order my cake?
Wedding cakes should be ordered 3-6 months prior to your wedding date. Spring and Summer weddings fill up very quickly. Please be sure to check our Availability page for more information.
Do you sell cake decorating supplies?
No, we do not sell any supplies for cake decorating.  Many craft stores and other specialty culinary stores carry cake decorating supplies. 
Are you hiring?
No, we are not hiring and do not offer internships.
**Prices and policies subject to change at any time and without notice.**